Prison island and Nakupenda Beach

Here is the moment you were waiting for: a visit to the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar. This is only the first of the many possible excursions that you can participate in to discover its wild, amazing nature and environment of Zanzibar. The tour starts from the port of Stone Town where we travel by boat to Prison Island outside of Zanzibar. Prison island is the island on which rebel slaves were locked up. Prison island has a rich history. Besides the history of the island you will learn more about the colony of giant land turtles that inhabit this island. Some of them are more than 140 years old. You can walk between the turtles and give them some food, you can touch them, make photos with them. You have never been closer to turtles ever before. Immediately afterwards you move to the beautiful island ‘Bawe’ where you have the chance to do some snorkeling in turquoise clear waters where you can admire the coral reef and the other wonders of the rich underwater world. With colorful tropical fish it’s a beautiful place for snorkeling, then we go to ‘Nakupenda Beach’,The translation of ‘nakupenda’ is ‘I love you’ and you will definitely ‘love it’ !!! A thin strip of sand reaches out of the crystal  clear water. You will not believe it’s mesmerizing beauty. At this gorgeous place we’ll prepare you a lovely seafood lunch. After lunch you have time to enjoy, relax, build memories and just have a good time. Is a full day trip and it’s all about Hakuna matata!!!

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