Blue Safari in the Menia bay and Kwale.

Blue Safari The trip you can’t resist!!! Blue Safari starts in Fumba, a local fishing village, from here we will step on a typical boat from Zanzibar and travel to Menai Bay. Here you can cross paths with dolphins. Imagine this: Picking up your snorkeling gear, jumping in crystal clear water and then swimming side by side with wild dolphins in their natural habitat. When you’re done swimming we take off to a sandbank. Let’s do some more imagining: a beach  with beautiful white sand in the middle of the clear azure blue water, completely surrounded by water. Isn’t that what you’d imagine paradise to be? It’s up to you whether you go swimming, exploring or just relax. After leaving this beautiful place, we’ll stop at a reef where you have the chance to discover the underwater world including the tropical colorful fishes. Afterwards we’ll head in the direction of the Kwala where we’ll stop for lunch under the tamarind trees. We hope you’ve saved some room for this meal where you’ll get to choose out of an array of (sea)food: lobster, grilled fish, calamari, chicken, rice…  but also don’t forget to enjoy the tropical fruit, a range so big it’s difficult to choose from. Drinks are included and after this gastronomic meal coffee and amarula are served. After lunchtime you can discover the island of Kwale then we step on the boat and we travel to the mangroves, where you can discover nature. After this magical, all-day trip we go back to Zanzibar.

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